Hitting the Lotto, New York Style

Today is the day thousands of runners — 80,080, to be exact — have been awaiting on tenterhooks for several months. Beginning this morning, a lucky 14,326 of them will be selected in the lottery for acceptance into the 45th running of the TCS New York City Marathon, which will be run November 1.
NYRR-logoThat number is up by 56 percent from last year’s lottery acceptances, which numbered 9,170. Last year’s figure was somewhat lower than usual due to the higher-than-normal number of entrants who were guaranteed spots after the 2012 race was cancelled in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.
The lottery used to be the primary way of gaining entry to the marathon, and in the pre-Internet days it was actually something of a rite of spring for runners to queue up to mail their entry forms on the first allowable date. In the intervening time, however, the number of lottery runners in the field, which is once again expected to total close to 50,000, has shrunk to less than a third, as other avenues of acceptance have gained popularity.
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