Getting Back in the Race

Whether it’s running or writing, the key to even the most moderate success is regularity. That’s because no matter how challenging a workout or an article might seem, it’s a lot harder to attack either when you’re starting from square one, rather than continuing the process from a groove, no matter how jagged or uneven.

Writing might be even closer to racing, since we’re measured or judged in both endeavors. And that fear of coming up short of expectations, of our own or of others, can prove paralytic in sitting down at a


Hanging out post-race on a warm December morning with Gary Corbitt.

keyboard or pinning on a bib number. Another couple workouts, or a few more polished thoughts, then we’ll be ready to race, or write – but not just now. And that delay can stretch from days, into months, to years. How many marathons or books are stillborn from the fear of not being works of athletic or literary art?

And so, as the year draws to a close, I have made the decision to get off the dime and revive this blog on a more-or-less (hopefully more) weekly basis. For the past half year, I’ve found myself stymied, frequently by lack of time (due for the most part to poor scheduling), at times by a seeming dearth of topics worth commenting on, at others by such a plethora it feels impossible to choose just one or two, like a kid at Baskin Robbins.

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