Easter Races Play Holiday Catch-up

When it comes to running holidays, it seems like Easter is the poor cousin, the one who always has to sit at the kids table in the kitchen while everybody else is in the dining room at family gatherings.


Easter races give everyone a chance to be a rabbit – and come home with some sweet chocolate prizes.

There’s no question that Thanksgiving is the Number One holiday in this country for running; in fact, it may be the biggest DAY for running, period. Seems like every other town in America has a Turkey Trot, with more springing up each year with no sign of the satiation point having been reached.

July Fourth is probably second, with the three Days – Memorial, Labor, and New Year’s – not far behind, in number of events and total competitors.

But somehow Easter seems to have mostly missed out on any big tie-ins with running and racing, possibly even being eclipsed by the holiday that precedes it on the calendar, St. Patrick’s Day.

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